How Sex Can Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight is a battle that most people fight their entire lives. Medical conditions, pregnancies, genetic makeup and a bad diet can all cause weight gain. In order to help you lose weight, exercise and aerobics will help to strengthen muscles and the weight will gradually decrease.

With a heart healthy exercise routine and a good caloric intake under 2,000 calories will help everyone lose weight. Calories can be marked in a food diary or notebook to keep track of how much is taken in on a daily basis. This will tell you how many times you should have sex, and what types of activities you can participate in to burn the most calories.

breakfast in bedIt has been found that sex burns more calories than running on a treadmill for an hour, or walking a mile. Sex is not only good for burning calories, but it also helps to strengthen the heart.

The calories burned during sex depend on the activity and level of arousal. With both partners fully aroused, insertion for sex burns 11 calories, and with the male not fully aroused a total of 108 calories are burned.

With a female not fully aroused for sexual encounters, 46 calories are burned. So the calories in a regular 12 ounce soda, the simple act of insertion during sex will burn off half of those calories if you are not fully aroused. Read more here.

Also, the type of sex, or actually the motivation behind it will cause a difference in the calories burnt as well. If you have sex out of guilt, you will burn a total of 55 calories, while if you are having sex in an emergency situation, 900 calories are burned.

Foreplay also burns calories, with using toys being the top loser at a total of 114 calories being burned. Tickling and licking only burn a total of 41 calories when done at the same time, and sucking only burns 38 calories.

Where is the best place to have sex in order to burn the most calories? A hammock is the best, with a total of 155 calories being burned. The place to have sex where the least amount of calories will be burned is in a queen sized bed, with a water bed being right in the middle at a total of 44 calories being burned.

So it just goes to show that sex is not only fun, but can help you to lose weight simply by becoming involved.