Do Weight Loss Patches Work?

These days, our lives are busy, and we will take anything that can make them just a little bit more convenient. In recent years, the medical industry has been producing medications that can be delivered in the form of a patch. The industry researchers began to realize that this has a favorable effect in two ways.

The first way is that the patch has a more controlled delivery system, and the second way is that the patient was not forced to remember a 24 or 12 hour schedule for taking a pill. In essence, the patch nearly eliminated the variable of the patient forgetting to the medication, as patches only need to be applied every few days.

Pills are easy to forget, but a patch is a constant reminder. This is one reason why a lot of people are now asking, do weight loss patches work? This is a very interesting question, which could have a few interesting implications.

How They Work

Basically, weight loss patches work similarly to almost every other patch delivery system. You apply the patch and within about an hour, you should begin to feel the effects.

Only the best weight loss patches you can find are going to be herbal based, rather than have “inhibitors” or are from medications. This way, you can take away the huge risk of possible and adverse side effects. Often times, these medications can prove to be very dangerous, so it is always best to just stick with herbal and natural patches.

Next, once the weight loss patch is applied, you will notice your appetite decreasing. This decrease in appetite is something occurs because it changes the properties in your blood, which flip on the brain mechanism that tells you that you are hungry.

Now, this system will not force you to starve, or completely destroy your appetite, but it will remove the psychological effect that draws people to binge and crave eat for mental reasons.

slimweightpatch imageNow, to answer the question, “Do weight loss patches work?” You have to understand the basic principle behind weight loss patches.

Essentially, they don’t deliver any “fat burners” or “metabolism increasers” into your blood stream.

But, they do deliver appetite reducers, which means that you will simply lose weight as a result of a more controlled eating pattern.

So, in essence, the answer to the “Do weight loss patches work?” question, is “yes.”

A Good Idea?

If you are worried about possible side effects, you have to understand the ingredients. Fucus Vesiculosus is the main ingredient, which is an all-natural one. Basically, it has been used as an appetite reducer, but the developers of these patches have been able to boil it down to a form that can be absorbed into the skin.

Also, 5-HTP is another major ingredient that helps in dealing with appetite, and can even help against the decline in serotonin. Some have even said that this particular natural ingredient has combated depression with great success.

Many other ingredients of weight loss patches are comprised of natural extracts and other organic compounds. Essentially, there is nothing here that would give “side effects” other than the main effect of weight loss. Weight loss patches are a very interesting and groundbreaking method of gaining the body you need for the swimsuit.


This is where your possibilities become a bit slim. Basically, one of the only reputable companies that offer weight loss patches is Here, you will be able to find out more about what these patches can do. Also, they will provide a complete list of their own ingredients.

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