Hoodia Gordonii Absolute: A Quick Look At the Facts

These days, “herbal” happens to be the buzzword, and a lot of us are skeptical to the real effects of these supplements. While some of us live by them, others simply believe it to be no more than a cleverly disguised placebo affect.

With more and more of these claims mounting, we’ve decided to take a look at the weight loss section of the subject, and explore if the herbal supplement, Hoodia Gordonii Absolute, is an absolute scam or if it does carry weight.

Uncommon Plant

Really the only notable ingredient found in Hoodia Gordonii Absolute is the hoodia herbal compound that is extracted from the desert cactus. Essentially, it was first used to treat wounds as an anti-bacterial salve, but it wasn’t long before Europeans discovered other aspects of this curious plant.

Many African tribesmen hunters of South Africa and Namibia would use hoodia in order to suppress appetite for their long journeys over the desert plains. This would help them conserve and ration their food when the trekking became long.

Thus… people started getting ideas about this plant.

How It Works

a bottle of hoodia gordonii absoluteHoodia Gordonii Absolute works by causing your stomach to believe that it is full. Now, it does not inhibit your brainwaves from sending those messages, but it does inflate “full” sensations in the stomach, so you can control your portions and eat less frequently.

One of the major reasons why many doctors recommend Hoodia Gordonii Absolute instead of anything of the medical nature is because it just doesn’t have any real side effects.

As we said before hoodia doesn’t “inhibit” anything through complex and unnatural biochemical reactions.

Instead, it uses the existing chemistry within the body in order to suppress the appetite. This makes hoodia many times safer than that of any prescription medication.

Overall Reviews

Most Hoodia Gordonii Absolute reviews are rather adamant about how well it works, which is one reason why we’ve decided to change our stance on the subject. Usually, when you have an herbal supplement, it is difficult telling what is placebo and what is real; however, when the Hoodia Gordonii Absolute reviews are this conclusive it requires further investigation.


It did not take long for us to realize that Hoodia Gordonii Absolute is a rather solid product. However, when we did some digging, this is one of the few that actually follows through with the promises.

Many other “herbal supplement” companies have terrible customer service, a rather shoddy product, and terrible user reviews due to the “fly-by-night” nature of the company. However, most Hoodia Gordonii Absolute reviews have concluded that this company is solid, and does not plan on going anywhere.

The other positive aspect is that usually, weight loss supplements often don’t yield any real results. In fact, even the ephedrine-based ones have had a bad wrap for not causing enough real weight loss. Here’s where Hoodia Gordonii Absolute really shines.

Overall, it is important to understand that many “fat burners” end up jacking the heart rate and playing around with the body’s metabolism. Not only is this slightly dangerous, but it is also ineffective for the work and discomfort involved.

But, what is the most prevalent way of becoming overweight? Overeating is the answer. Hoodia Gordonii Absolute will actually ensure that you lose weight through the most common sense way of doing it. It will just lightly persuade you to eat less!

There is literally no faster way to shed the pounds without killing yourself in the workout room. If you are looking to buy Hoodia Gordonii Absolute, then do make sure you go right to the official website, so you can benefit from the excellent customer service.