New Alternative to Weight Loss Surgery

The last 30 years have offered the dieting market many different cosmetic procedures for combating fatness - gastric bypasses included. But despite the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services directive in 2006 which enforced the ruling that all Surgeries to have expert surgeons and tools, these methods of weight loss procedures are still life threatening.

Let's have a look at the figures. Even taking into consideration the actual fact that complication rates have fallen from 12.2% of patients to 10%, and mortality rates have reduced from 0.28% to 0.20% (a 0.08% drop) - these improvements are minimal if you factor in the percentage of individuals who undertake these procedures ...

However, hope could be around the corner for obese people if the ReShape Medical's double balloon meets the approval of the Food and Drug Administration.

Structured to help obese people who are have a BMI above or below eligibility settings for gastric bypass and band procedures, or who are considered being too young (under18); the double-balloon system could definitely aid this excluded group.

How does it work? In its current condition, the double-balloon mechanism is inserted down a person's throat using an attached tube before being pumped with saline. As these two oval balloons are filled, patients will begin to feel full and will naturally be capable to decrease their meal portions and shed extra pounds.

Furthermore, once patients achieve their ideal weight loss, this cosmetic device can easily by deflated and taken off from the stomach without surgical procedure.

At the moment (February 2010), this balloon device is scheduled to undergo its initial medical trial at the start of April where 30 volunteers across three cosmetic centers will be inserted with this balloon mechanism.

Should it work, this study is going to be extended to 350 people across 10 cosmetic surgeries and finally is going to be presented to the FDA for approval.

Is the balloon safe? It is undisputable that this balloon device could probably help hundreds of thousands of slimmers who are either too young for gastric bypasses or suffer from diabetes, heart problems and severe joint problems to reduce those excess lbs, however this double balloon system has got far to travel before it is deemed safe.

Twenty six years ago the same single balloon technique was produced by Garren-Edwards and was implanted into patients. However, without backup membrane to protect it, this balloon was prone to rupturing and slipping into the little intestine where it produced dangerous blockages. As a result, this device was instantly removed from the market.

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